Heat Treatment Equipment

We have been a close partner to manufacturers and operators of industrial furnaces worldwide for many years. Our customers appreciate the consistently high quality of our products and our experience in their application in high-temperature atmospheres.

Extract from the range of product offered in this segment:

Chamber and pusher furnaces

  • Charging racks and charging baskets
  • Casing pipes, flame pipes and jet pipes
  • Grids, fan wheels and fan blades

Shaft furnaces

  • Furnace retorts, lids and guide cylinders
  • Circulation fans, floor inserts (sheet metal and casting) and charging devices

Hood furnaces

  • Annealing and heating hoods with smooth or beaded jacket
  • Convector units, support frames, furnace bases, diffusers, circulators and support grids

Muffle furnaces and swing retort furnaces

  • Annealing muffles, hardening muffles, soldering muffles and sintering muffles
  • Wire link conveyor belts, charging supports, vibrating furnaces and plates

Rotary tube furnaces and drum furnaces

  • Rotary tubes and insert segments (sheet metal and casting)

Enamelling furnaces

  • Firing pendants and enamelling pendants, oval tubes

Devices and containers for use in salt baths