Certified Quality

We know that quality is no matter of coincidence. We therefore continuously question and optimize our structures and procedures and subject them to regular auditing.

The quality of our services is of the greatest importance to us. To consistently guarantee its achievement, we promote, secure and live quality in all our structures and daily performance. As part of recurring audits, we put it to test on a regular basis.

We consider the qualification of our employees the capital of our success. Thus, we don not leave it to chance either. We invest in the training and continuous education of our specialists and have our skills tested and certified.


Overview of our certifications:

Management system according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015

Manufacturer and welding specialist in accordance with AD-2000 regulations (sheet HP-0)

Review of the welding quality requirements of ISO 3834-3

System for transferring the marking of materials (“re-stamping”)

Specialist company in accordance with the Water Resources Act WHG 17-19